The Doug Nolan Story

The Doug Nolan Story

The Doug Nolan Story is about Doug's experiences flying in Avro Anson aeroplanes protecting our coastline from Japanese submarines and then onto the Black Cats, the catalinas that could stay in the air for over 15 hours. He relates some of his close calls laying mines in Japanese held harbours in the Pacific in the dead of night and says luck was on his side many a time.

After the war Doug joined Qantas as a navigator and was with them for over 20 years. He tells of some historic flights he went on.

It is wonderful that men like Doug who is now 95 years old are able to share their memories of war time and educate the young of what war was like. We are forever in their debt.

Sadly Doug has now passed away well into his nineties but to have his story in print must be very satisfying for his family.

Vale dear Doug, it was great working with you.