The Story of Broken Hill

Silver Dreams

Set in Broken Hill, this historical saga takes us through various generations of several families whose lives cover the period from the city's beginnings to now. It is full of drama caused by poverty, cruel mining conditions, greed, as well as family loyalty, love and endless striving to improve the quality of life.

Albert O Donnell and Leon McTavish set out to make their fortunes in the outback and end up working down the mines in Broken Hill. Along with their mates Tom Sullivan and Will McGregor they form a bond that sees them through difficult times. They marry and have children and their lives become intertwined. Life in the Hill tests them to the limit but with love and determination they get on with making the best of it.

The story follows their lives and those of their families from the opening of the line of lode; to the big strike of 1919-20, through the two wars, the depression to the present day. Many men died underground and the early miners fought hard for better conditions against greedy bosses. How did the early pioneers survive the dust storms, drought and lack of water? Why did they stay? What drew men to this remote outback town? Was it the chance of becoming rich? Was it the mateship that kept them there? How much longer will Broken Hill be a mining town? What is its future? That is the question on everyone's lips but optimism is alive and well in the Hill.

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Silver Dreams Silver Dreams Silver Dreams Silver Dreams Silver Dreams
Silver Dreams Silver Dreams Silver Dreams Silver Dreams

Illustrations by Bob Groves.

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