Love...Makes us...Family

Love Makes us Family

It is 16 years since Pam wrote her autobiography From Ochre to Azure Blue, telling about the first part of her life. She began writing in a diary in 2006 after her mother became ill and given a feeding tube, living in a nursing home. To balance her sadness, she began minding her eight month old granddaughter, Sofia who brought so much joy into her life. To compound her unhappiness, her husband Garnet died in 2007, followed by her mother six months later. Pam continued her diary, putting down her innermost thoughts and it became cathartic for her.

Sofia was the light of her life at this sad time and so her story for the last 11 years is written in this book. We are introduced to her other four granddaughters, Estella, Sofia�s sister and Annabella, Mark and Rosy�s daughter, Ashleigh and Emily, Justin and Karla�s two daughters who now live in Nashville. Pam has now found happiness with Arthur McKenzie at the War Vets which she moved into in 2016.

Pam has been a prolific writer, having written 15 books at latest count.

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