From Ochre To Azure Blue

An Autobiography

From Ochre to Azure Blue

The colours of ochre from an indelible memory in the author's mind of the unbearable heat and dust of Broken Hill. Spending a number of years from age nine to fifteen in this town her recall is very clear. Azure blue depicts the contrast between the outback and Sydney with its blue skies, wonderful beaches and magnificent harbour where she lived all her adult life.

Being moved from one country town to another following her father's job as a mining engineer gave her a different outlook on life. Coming to Sydney as a young teacher she tells of how it was in the classroom in the 60's through to the 70's.

Marrying and having three boys put paid to her teaching career for quite a long time, only returning in the 90's. The differences are apparent. She tells of how she brought up her boys to be successful adults. From Ochre to Azure Blue traces the author's life from her days in the country, to her life in the city, to life in retirement; a rewarding journey from the past to the present day.

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