For the Love of Grace

For the Love of Grace

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Pam Bayfield has written her ninth book which is a historical novel and it is about to be launched at the Newport Mirage on Monday 15th October with The Hon Bronwyn Bishop and the Mayor of Manly launching the book.

As Pam said, 'I really enjoyed writing this book as I had the freedom to imagine what my characters would do. When I write non-fiction I am limited by the facts about someone's life whereas fiction allows the writer's imagination to run wild.'

for the love of grace

For the Love of Grace takes the readers back to the 1850s on a wild ride on a clipper ship, making its way to old Sydney Town with a young family, the Pembertons. They choose the fast Catherine Adamson for their journey and nearly lose their lives coming into Sydney Heads. With half the crew and passengers saved the Pembertons are amongst the lucky ones to be rescued. We follow Grace's life, the ups and downs, the infidelities, the heartbreak, the betrayal which has dire consequences for the next generation. The early days of Manly features in the story as well as the long slow coach trip to the newly built Newport Hotel. The story covers the period 1850s to 1890s.

Hard copies of this book are no longer available.

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