For the Love of Grace - The Sequel

For the Love of Grace - The Sequel

This is the sequel to For the Love of Grace � A Story of Love and Betrayal. In this next story Grace and Charles return to England on the ship Ormuz in 1895 to see their daughter Amy who has married an Englishman. This is a much different voyage to their first one on the Catherine Adamson. On the return trip Charles has a heart attack and dies and has to be buried at sea much to Grace's consternation.

What is Ralph Cooper's reaction to hearing about Grace's loss? Will he try to recapture his long lost love? Grace is still living in Manly which has changed a lot since she first resided there. The excitement of Federation in 1901 is shared by Grace's family and all Australians. Learn the secrets of Powderworks Road after Grace and Lawrence, her new lover visit Ingleside House.

When Ralph's wife finally dies he is free to pursue his one true love but will she reject him again? At her granddaughter's wedding Grace's mind is made up and she knows where her heart truly lies.

Follow Grace in this sequel to For the Love of Grace. Again she faces a dilemma. Two men are vying for her love. Which one will she choose?

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