For the Love of Grace - The Next Generation

For the Love of Grace - The Next Generation

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For readers who have been enjoying the family saga of Grace, this book is most satisfying. For my taste, watching the character development was the most satisfying.

We know by now (and to new readers who haven't read the first two books, you can pick up here but I heartily recommend you to read the other two books to maximise your enjoyment) that Grace is quite the matriarchal heroine, and she retains her role credibly to the very end.

Like all families, some members behave more honourably than others, and contrasting characters make for page turning reading.

I was intrigued by Margaret Jane and the way she dealt with her own tortuous emotions. The closeness of siblings and their ability to hold secrets totally was impressive, as was Grace's support financially and emotionally to any family member who needed her.

This was a family of privilege, so when called to war service, the boys did so with dignity and pride. Descriptions of life at Gallipoli combined with historic facts remind us all of how fortunate we didn't live through those terrible incidents.

Love stories are always popular and when the family has to endure the hardships of parting and even death, our thoughts and sympathies go with them as we embrace the characters.

Of course a family with two properties in what even in our times would be regarded as highly desirable suburbs (Elizabeth Bay and Manly), we see the easier lifestyle that was enjoyed then, particularly by women. Then of course came ten tough years of the Great Depression. Even then, the family was fortunate to own two roomy properties in which to house those unable to pay rent.

Naturally an author as skilled as Pamela Bayfield introduces historic events skilfully. This was a rich period in terms of change, and the building and opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is well worth the mention it receives.

Personally, the richest event to me was certainly the character development of each family member and the way they handled what could have been catastrophic events, plus the understanding and forgiveness shown by some of the characters.

I thoroughly recommend this book.

Renee Goossens

This final book of the trilogy by Pam Bayfield concludes a wonderful saga of the life and family of Grace, her children and great-children. This is seen against the backdrop of Australia at war with Germany and the changing morals of the time.


Thank you for the three books. I loved the characters. It was so easy to follow their day to day lives. Live through their happy times and sad times and through everything in between. Loved the historical information about the founding on Manly.

I recommend these books for a very pleasurable read.

Thank you Pam,

Gwen McBean

Just to let you know that I am currently reading For the Love of Grace � The Next Generation and I am enjoying it very much.

My regular reading time is in the evening when I tend to go to bed a little earlier with the purpose in mind of reading whatever book I may be enjoying at the time. Currently I am reading your latest book and burning the midnight oil because I can hardly put it down!!!!

It is so well written and has really captured my attention as have your other books. I think this one has captured my attention a little more because it is so very familiar, being the last of your trilogy about the Love of Grace!!!

Congratulations Pam, it is indeed a job well done and you can stand up and feel very proud of yourself in completing this heart-warming and interesting story of Grace. I am struggling to keep up with the twists and turns in relationships that have weaved their way into the story throughout the trilogy, as in the intriguing goings on that would seem almost ahead of their time.

I believe we all know that so much was swept under the carpet in those bygone days, and actually nothing much has changed in 100 years!!!!! We won�t go into the graphic events that we read about these days which contain elements that one cannot quite come to terms with, however the basic facts that you have provided regarding the causes and effects of relationship breakdowns somehow are so much easier to accept.

I guess one comes to the conclusion that too much information regarding the much too personal details of people�s lives is not what we want to hear or read about!!!!! The WW1 element is portrayed just as harrowing as we have known it was and you have obviously researched and transcribed your thoughts in an extremely accurate and powerful manner. As said previously, it is very well written.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and of course within the next few days I will regretfully close the last chapter on Grace and reluctantly place her in my bookcase to complete the trilogy!!! Thank you Pam!!

With love and best wishes

Janette Leonard