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Challenging Lives
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Dear Pam,

Read the book within 3 days - and loved the story. Julien and Paula have indeed had challenging lives I found it so interesting and clever in the way their stories were presented.

I wanted to keep reading the book to find out what happened next in the chapters of their lives together. I now feel I know them - how lovely that they have been so honest in sharing their adventurous lives, with its highs and lows.

An inspirtional read - thank you and them for writing it.

Many blessings
Valerie Barrow.

Dear Pam,

This is your best book.
I really enjoyed the story and admired the way the ghost writer is unobtrusive in enriching the story with historical and geographical background. Well done. By the time I read the last word I felt I knew the couple.

Love, Peg

I just loved the way the auther interweaved between your two lives and how eventually they coincided to my favourite part of the book where you meet each other and the descriptions from both of you about how you felt about each other. It brought tears to my eyes hearing you described by Julien as a beautiful lady with straight hair trying to open "that" tin of cigarettes. For me it conjured up thoughts of Bogie and Bacall, over head fans wafting in casablanca. Very romantic. And you describing his long white socks and "brown thighs" - all very sexy. You have certainly both had an interesting life, and probably couldn't have picked better partners for yourselves. Julien is a wonderful, kind and understanding man and you have both been blessed and all of our wonderful extended family have been blessed to have you both in our lives. Lots of love Caz xx

Hi Paula and Julien,

Just finished reading your memoirs. Very interesting lives you have had (and are still having). I really enjoyed your stories and imagining you both living your adventures. Crocodile hunting! With babies! What I want to know is what is the next project??? You always seemed to have some challenge you are getting your teeth into! Wonderful story.

Pamela Tippett

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