Anneke's Story

A story of love, courage and survival.

Annekes Story

Anneke lies on the hospital bed wanting to die after learning her father has died at the hands of the brutal enemy, the Japanese. Her husband Jack has been sent to Borneo. Life doesn't mean anything anymore. A fiesty Jewish lady doctor literally pulls her up by the boostraps and makes her want to live again.

The story is set in Java where two young sisters grow up before the Second World War. Pieter, their father came here to support his large family back in Holland, working on many different plantations in east Java. Life is very difficult for his new wife, Bertha, adjusting to the climate and loneliness. Their two daughters, Anneke and Frieda love their way of life and grow up happy and contented. Anneke finds love in the arms of a young naval officer and they marry when she is only 18. War intervenes and Japan invades their island paradise. Being interned from 1942 to the end of the war and for a further year under the Indonesians, stretches their inner resources to the limit. It is only her determination and strong will power that carries her through those turbulent years.

Meeting up with her husband after the war they decide to come to Australia to make a new beginning. Anneke's Story is truly inspirational that will capture your imagination. It is indeed a story of love, courage and survival!

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