A Leading Lady

The Story of Mary Jolly

Pam Bayfield came into possession of Mary Jolly's scrapbook of her acting days with the Dunedin Repertory Society where for many years she was the leading lady. Pam decided to make it into a book. The journey into Mary's life has led her down many different paths, tracing her family's history back to her great grandfather David Anderson Jolly who opened a general store in Cromwell in the gold rush days. It has put her in touch with other members of her family as well as friends of Mary and these people add to the tapestry of Mary's story. It is an intriguing tale of heartache, boredom and victory as we find out more about this revered actress.

The launch of A Leading Lady - The Story of Mary Jolly was held on Wednesday 14 March 2007 in Dunedin New Zealand and the mayor Peter Chin launched the book.

He spoke glowingly of the book saying how important it was that the history of the theatre be preserved for all time. Seventy five people attended and it was a most successful night.

Pam sold quite a number of books to relations and friends of Mary's.

Mary Jolly in later years