Pam Bayfield was born in Mt Isa, Queensland in 1940. As her father was a Mining Engineer the family lived in many different places. Most of her schooling was done in Broken Hill. She completed her education at PLC Armidale, went to Teachers' College there, and became a teacher. She taught in Sydney for many years before marrying and having three sons.

Pam left teaching to help in the family Real Estate business. When the boys were older she returned to teaching and taught at Pittwater House, Collaroy for ten years. Pam retired in 1998 and began writing. She started with her mother's life story to be followed by a book about her sons.

After attending a writing course she embarked on her first novel, To Those Who Wait, about her father's side of the family. From Ochre to Azure Blue, Pam's autobiography, was her second book. Her third book, Anneke's Story, is about a Dutch woman interned by the Japanese in Java during the Second World War. These have all sold out.

Knees Up Mother Brown was her next book and is currently available. This was followed by her next book, A Leading Lady - The Story of Mary Jolly and it was launched in Dunedin, New Zealand in March 2007. It has now sold out.

Silver Dreams was launched in Sydney and then Broken Hill in June and September 2008. The book sold exceptionally well in Broken Hill and now Pam has only a few copies left before it will be sold out. The book has already had a re-print.

2010 saw the release of Come With Me, a journey with one of the last surviving nurses who dedicated her life and love to service on a hospital ship and other AGHs in WWII. The untold story of Joan Fisher as told to Pam Bayfield. Copies are available for $25 plus $3 for postage.

2011 has seen the release of another story as told to Pam. Challenging Lives, the Memoirs of Paula & Julien Vanslambrouck.

2012 saw the release of Pam's 9th book, For the Love of Grace, which is a historical novel set in the 1850's.

2014 saw the release of the 10th book The Doug Nolan Story

2015 saw the release of Pam's 11th For the Love of Grace - The Sequel.

2017 saw the release of the third book in the trilogy, For the Love of Grace - The Next Generation. It is Pam's 12 the book.

2018 Love...Makes us...Family

2019 Arthur McKenzie - A Country Boy at Heart

2021 For the Love of Grace - The Aftermath.

For all books up to 2017 Pam self published with the help of Eric Berry Publishing which was taken over by Alex Shamin and goes by Silverdot Mini Publishing. Alex then printed all books that followed. Contact Alex at [email protected]

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Challenging Lives To Those Who Wait From Ochre to Azure Blue Annekes Story
Annekes Story Silver Dreams

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